How to install : 1/50 - OneWay & Side wing Assembly - OSHKOSH

How to install : 1/50 - OneWay & Side wing Assembly - OSHKOSH

Here is some details on how to install our "1/50 - OneWay & Side wing Assembly - OSHKOSH" parts to your Oshkosh P-Series truck.

First, it can be installed on the 4x4 or 6x6.

1. You need to glue (We use Super Glue or Gorilla Glue) this sidewing support part to this little box (See arrow).

2. Since it is glued and installed, it should look like this:

3. Now install the front harness. There is 2 slots that you will need to slide the harness on.

4. When you are going to do the process of sliding the harness. Be cautious with the harness, do not push on the part shown with the arrow #1.
** Push on the harness with the main part identified with arrow #2 and slide it vertically into the truck chassis.

5. Here is the part slide in place:

6. Now you need to prepare the sidewing:
Arm #1 (As shown in this picture) need to be place at the location you see in the picture. The spring porting need to be attached to the wing.
Arm #2 is a bit tricky, you need to look closely and put the little pins on the exact same way as you see in the picture. Part a (who can slide) should be in the left, and part b (Who is fixed) need to be in right direction.

7. Close pictures of the installation:

8. At this step, you are going to connect the arm to your truck as you see in the picture. Be patient ;)

9. And the other arms now need to be connected as well.

10. the last one

11. You got it, all installed.

12. Next, is connecting the front section of your sidewing to your truck.
You need to remove this little Nut (A) from the shaft.
Slide the sidewing into the shaft on the upper hole (B).
And put back this little nut.

13. You are ready to install the front plow.

14. Here you go, you have all you setup ready.

Enjoy your parts.