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Diecast accessories

Available on demand

If you see a product offer in a different scale then your preffered one, and you'll be interested to get it at this scale.
Please do let us know, we are going to produce them.

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New Branding for 2024

New Branding for 2024

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It is now time to do a refresh of our online catalog to a cleaner version 2.0.
We do hope that you are going to enjoy the ride and also how we do present our products.

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Scratch Build

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You have a special request, you need our services for one of your "Scratch Build" project, or for the repair of one of your favourite scale models. We can help you.

Send us your request, and we will contact you back. Remember to put as much details as possible with your comments.

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What are we doing

Our Services


We are crafting refined products from raw materials through the utilization of diverse mordern tools.


We excel in crafting using techniques like 3D methodologies, Resin Mold/Casting, Resin 3D Printing, and Laser Cut and Engrave. We start with meticulous molding and scratch building, emphasizing patience and accuracy.

  • FRUEHAUF 1/50th Scale Sand Trailer
AMT Dozer Pads
  • AMT Dozer Pads

  • Traction pads, designed and produced for the 1/25th scale dozer.
  • We've got a whole list of plows, blades and snow equipments for your Wheel Loaders.
  • Tag, Low Boy, Dump, we've got a lot of different kind of trailers available