D8 - Radiator Grill (PHOTO eTCH)

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** This is a collector's / hobbyist item's and is not suitable for children UNDER 17 years old. **

Add another fine touch to your Dozer!

Direct fit on D8H Caterpillar 1/25 Scale Model

-Included is :
     Radiator Grill Photo etch sheet (1)

- Tractor in the pictures are not included;


Please contact us to get the Assembly Instructions

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Krumrey
DI Radiator Grill- Photo Etch

The Radiator Grill is a must have for the AMT D8 Bulldozer kit. The decals to represent the radiator grill just don't cut it. This adds a new dimension of reality. The modeler has to cut out the space, but AMT does highlight the area with raised lines so just stay in the lines. The Fan Grill requires some creative thinking and modeling to get the fan in the radiator housing/grill assembly but well worth the effort. Again the modeler has to cut out the molded on fan grill. There is a section of PE that looks like ships railing, i couldn't figure out what it was for. It wasn't until after I had the assembly buttoned up did I realize it goes around the fan mounts. I had to refer to the stock photo's on the web site as to how it fit. Instructions would be nice, but after a little trial and error, it went fine and enhances the engine bay nicely. Highly Recommend

Mark Krumrey
Radiator Grill Photo Etch

The modeler gets a nice photo etch fret with the grill, coolng fan grill, grill hardware and some other things not sure what they are. I was a bit perplexed by what appeared to be a length of 1/350 ship railing. IT wasn't until after I had the fan grill assembled and attached to the frame and engine did I realize that piece goes around the cirumference of the fan grill. Next time. Great stuff, easy to work with and figure out, even though it's written in French. Google translator works great. Highly recommend for dressing up the front end of your dozer kit.

Reto J. Fussenegger
Radiator Grill (PE)

Great quality and top customer service :-)

Eric Smith
D8 Bulldozer Photo-Etch Grill and Accessories

I purchased the AMT D8 Bulldozer kit several years ago. A friend strongly recommended that I find a business that would custom produce photo-etch parts for the hobbyist, in order to make this model be what it should be.. I was not having any luck until I found out about Papy Hobby on a modelling forum. I ordered the photo-etched D8 radiator grill from their catalogue and I was really impressed by the quality of the parts. The fret includes the grill, foot pedals, an instrument panel, switches and a fan guard among other things.
I'm really looking forward to adding these parts to my bulldozer build.
In my opinion, these parts are a 'must have' for the AMT D8 kit.