DM - Original Dump Box 2022 - (NO BOX)

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Vous recherchez un modèle ou une marque de benne en particulier, vous avez besoin de nos services pour l'un de vos projets "Scratch Build", ou pour la réparation d'un de vos jouets préférés.
Nous pouvons t'aider!

Envoyez-nous votre demande, et nous vous recontacterons. N'oubliez pas de mettre le plus de détails possible dans votre formulaire de candidature.

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You are looking for a specific dump box model or brand, you need our services for one of your "Scratch Build" project, or for the repair of one of your favourite toys. We can help you!

Send us your request, and we will contact you back. Remember to put as much detail as possible in your application form.

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** This is a collector's / hobbyist item's and is not suitable for children UNDER 17 years old. **
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These Dump Box had been removed from the original DIECAST MASTER Trucks manufactured in 2022.

All our stock boxes are similar/identical to the pictures.
What you see is in the product picture of your choice, it's what you are going to get ;)

* White support are not included
** Logo's can be removed by us, please contact us.

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